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  Using UV Absorbers

Ultraviolet Light Absorbers or UV's are more commonly used today than ever before. Very small amounts of these products are added to colored and scented wax blends to help reduce the degradation (fading) that occurs when candles are exposed to fluorescent light and sunlight. UV's actually "protect" the candle by absorbing more of the ultraviolet light or energy than the candle itself.

Candlewic recommends the use of two common UV absorbers. One a benzophenone, the other a benzotriazole. We recommend that both products be used together because they offer protection in different wavelength regions or at different ends of the color spectrum.

Although a candle can never be totally protected from sunlight and different dye/wax/fragrance combinations can pose significant fading problems, it is certainly advisable to incorporate UV Light Absorbers into all of your wax formulations to extend the life and beauty of your candles.

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