What’s New in Candle Making

F Wax Candles

Natural Waxes
The natural wax market place continues to thrive. Those who have worked with the product know that the ease of use, the low shrinkage and adhesion to the container make this wax suitable for any candle company. If you currently make paraffin candles, the dyes, scents and melters can all be the same as you presently use.

The natural waxes also allow you to create unique one-of-a-kind designs. These designs include the feather look (F Wax), Quartz look (Q Wax for containers and PQ) and a granite look (G Wax). All of these looks are achieved without the need for additives. If you have not tried them, it may be worthwhile for that “One-of-a-Kind” look.

Procedures and processes for making candles with natural waxes vary slightly. Typically, you will need to use more color as well as wicks with the proper “treatment.” The limits on scent loads are different as well. These will vary with each wax so it is important that you review before making candles.

Clear Pillar Base
Last summer we were extremely excited about launching the Clear Pillar Base. This brand new product allowed candle companies of all sizes to make freestanding candles that are translucent. This new revolutionary product continues to become stronger every day. Those who have tested the product realize the design potential.

The procedures when using this product are very different from making paraffin candles. We recommend that you review all of the information on our web site when you choose to work with this product. We do offer many different types of kits that include all of the products needed to make some exciting designs.

Wick Pins
When making candles there are several new developments that we have covered previously but do feel they are a true benefit. The Votive Pin has been one of easiest and most effective developments in making votives. This pin will ensure the wick is centered in each votive you make and also will allow for cotton core wicks, LX wicks and other less rigid wicks to be used in your candle. With the pin and free votive cup making votives has never been so easy. We also have pins for making pillars easier. They are available in three sizes: 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch.

Vybar 343
The mottled candle continues to be very popular for candle makers. Candlewic was the first company to offer the Vybar 343, which was specifically designed for holding more scent in the mottled pillar without it bleeding. This product (made by the same company that brought us Vybar 103 and Vybar 260) is a must when making mottled pillars.


J-300 Candles

The other strong selling candle is the multi-layer candle. These candles allow your company the opportunity to offer several different scents in the same candle. These candles are also great for fundraisers since you can match team colors and organizations colors. The J-300 is just the right wax for making container candles with this design pattern. The J-300 allows you to add up to 5% scent and not have it bleed between layers. With Flag Day just around the corner on June 14 and the 4th of July close behind, it is just a perfect time to make that red, white and blue candle.

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