Polycarbonate Molds

As you are aware there is a large selection of types of molds to use when making candles. The materials to choose from include Aluminum, Silicon, Polyurethane, Tin and one of our favorites, Polycarbonate. In most instances each type of material has specific applications that work best in candle making. The aluminum molds are always good for standard size pillars such as 3 x 3½ round, square molds and octagons. The polyurethane molds have always been good for figurines such as bears, rabbits and fruit pieces.

Rapidly becoming one of the favorites among candle makers is the polycarbonate molds. These molds are available in a large assortment of unique geometrical shapes and sizes. Popular ones include the Pyramid, Pentagonal and the Ball molds.

These new and lightweight molds are very popular due to the nice and shiny finish you can achieve on your candle. Also they are lightweight, very durable and allow for easy release from the mold. Plus, no water bath is needed when using polycarbonate molds. Also, they are clear.

The differences you can get when pouring into clear Polycarbonate molds versus other materials can’t be over emphasized. You can achieve a very nice sheen to any candle without having to provide a water bath. The finish and release is truly remarkable plus these molds are clear. Some of the new shapes and sizes include a heart, a star and a maple leaf.

Also brand new is an 15-hour votive cup. This new and exciting votive size candle mold is a must for anyone interested in offering a new product. This new votive cup can be used as a mold or as a finished candle holder. You can pour your wax into the mold, top off and you now have a finished candle ready for resale without taking it out of the mold. Think of all the time you can save and eliminate other packaging needs. You can now produce a candle that will look like an enlarged tea light.

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