How Do I Know Which Gel To Use?

Penreco offers three different grades of gel in their Versagel line: Low Density (CG-1), Medium Density (CG-2) and High Density (CG-3). The type of candle you are making, amount of fragrance you anticipate adding and in some instances your shipping destinations will determine which gel you should use. In general the CG-1 allows the smallest quantity of fragrance to be added (2-3%), but with larger wicks it will allow the largest burning pool in the candle. One concern when using this product may be shipping during warmer months. The CG-2 allows about 3-4% scent be introduced and seems to work best for wax embeds. The CG-3 allows 4-5% scent be introduced but because of the density even using the largest size wick will only allow a burning radius of about 2 inches.

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