What Type of Wax Melter Should I Use?

In general there are two ways to melt your wax. The first one is a water jacket system. Water jacket units are nice because there is very little chance the wax will reach 200 degrees F which is good when you have employees working with the unit. If the heater “burns out” generally you only have to purchase the heating element to repair the unit. The downside of a water jacket system is that certain additives and the candle gel which have to be poured or melted above 200 degrees F which the water unit has difficulty achieving. The second way to melt your wax is a direct heat method. The direct heat method is more versatile in that it can melt the wax generally up to 240 degrees F and does so a little more quickly. Each unit works well but you should chose the one which will work best in your application.

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