What is the best wax to use for containers?

A lot of variables go into selecting the proper wax for containers including but not limited to the diameter of the container you will be filling, location of your facility and intentions for using the wax for other applications. Generally the ideal wax for filling containers is one with a melt point between 121-130 F. The use of these waxes is generally divided equally with half of the manufacturers using the low end of the melt point and the other half using the higher end closer to 130F.

The 121 melting point works well because it allows you to fill larger diameter containers without having much difficulty getting a single wick to burn all the way out to the sides. However, the 121 F wax can create problems during the summer months with the wax and/or candles “hot melting” in trucks and warehouses. The 129 melt point eliminates the hot melting but in some instances on large diameter containers, with high fragrance load/dark colors may have difficulty getting a wick to burn all the way to the sides. Our conclusion is that there is nothing wrong with using either wax. You should select one that best suites your needs.

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