Adding Finishing Touches

Making pillars these days can be fun due to the many different looks and finishes that are available with waxes. Whether it is a mottled candle with the 4045 H or an all-natural pillar using the PS wax, you can increase the perceived value of your pillar candle with this project.

When wicking your candle leave about 1-1/2 to 2 inches of wick at the bottom of the mold (Helpful Hint: Remember this is the top of the candle.) Seal the bottom as you normally would. Pour your pillar and when finished take it out of the mold.

Now take the extra length of wick and consider some of the following:

• Slide beads onto the wick in various colors, maybe even the color of your candle.
• Place your instructions on a small sheet and have “dangle” them on the end. It is one way to make sure they read the instructions
• Rather than instructions, try adding a brief history about your company…maybe a catchy little antidote about candles…there are even little figurines you may want to secure on the end.

This extra little touch does not really cost anything extra but will help people remember your candles. The important note is to make sure the end user cuts these items off before lighting.

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