Easter Egg Chunk Candle

This month’s project is good for container or pillar candles and you can substitute any wax chunk or embed in place of the Easter egg. It is a simple technique that can be used in so many ways to help you create beautiful candles.

Jars or Molds
Easter Eggs or any wax chunk or embed
Over pour wax or gel
Pre-wick Assembly


Step 1
Select, clean, wick, and prepare your jars or molds as you normally do.

Step 2
Insert wax Easter eggs, chunks, or embeds into the mold or jar being careful not to disrupt the wick. You can make your own chunks with scrap wax by pouring the wax into a pan and slice into chunks when soft and pliable before totally hardening.

Step 3
Pour the appropriate type of white or lightly colored wax or gel around the embeds, eggs, or chunks. If using wax, chunks will be suitable. If using gel, eggs or other embeds are the way to go. Remember that gel pillar candles require a special gel that is specially formulated for making pillars.

Step 4
Light the candle and watch as the melt pool changes colors as it melts the various chunks. Take careful note of your pour temperature vs. the melt point of your chunks or embeds and make any adjustments necessary.

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