Taper Candles Using Polyurethane Molds

This month’s project is an easy way for making simple taper candles by using polyurethane molds. These candles are a timeless favorite over the decades and the easy to use polyurethane molds allows the candle maker to make this candle on a small scale with out the need for equipment such as dipping rings that make many tapers at one time.

High melt point wax
(>140 mp) or beeswax
Flat braid wick
Polyurethane taper mold
Mold release
Picture wire
Color and fragrance to suit
Wax Additives to suit
Wick bar
Base former (optional)


Step 1
Prepare your wax with color and fragrance as you normally would for any other candle. Remember that it helps to add color and additives at a slightly elevated temperature for uniform dispersion. Let the wax cool in order to add your fragrance right before achieving the pouring temperature.

Step 2
Cut a piece of wire a little larger than twice the length of your mold and bend it completely in half. Insert the folded end of the wire through the hole in the mold, and use it to pull the wick through the taper mold. Leave an extra long length of wick so when you remove one candle it pulls enough wick through the hole so it is ready to be poured again without the use of the wire next time.

Step 3
Wrap the wick around the wick bar so it holds snug and give the inside of the mold a quick light spray of mold release. Pour the wax slowly into the mold. Keep an eye on the mold and top off as necessary.

Step 4
Use the base former to achieve a fluted end that looks very professional and aids your customer in the placement of their candle in a candle holder. Be sure the taper is burnt in a suitable candle holder.

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