Working with Natural F Wax using a 3-wick mold

F wax is a natural pillar wax that displays a feather design when completed. There is no need for any additives because the feather design occurs as a result of the crystallization process.

Please note that because the characteristics of natural waxes are different than paraffin waxes, procedures will change when you determine wick size and the amount of fragrance and color to add.

The mold for this project is Candlewic catalog #AM-16, a 6″ X 6½” round aluminum mold with 3 wicks holes.

Melt the desired amount of the F wax to between 140-160 degrees F and add your color and fragrance. This wax will hold between 4% and 6% fragrance. Preheat the desired mold to 140 degrees F. Aluminum molds seem to work best with this wax. Pour the wax into the mold and as the wax begins to solidify re-pour at about 20 degrees F above your initial pouring temperature. It may be necessary to poke a hole on the top surface prior to re-pouring to ensure there are no air pockets in the candle.

For best performance results during burning, it is recommended you use the RRD wicks, HTP wicks or the CD wicks. All of these wicks are available online.

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