Holiday Ornaments

Whether you are a candle maker, a soap maker, or both, it is not too late to create the perfect holiday gift this year. This wonderful project makes great holiday ornaments or “soap on a rope.” Either way you make it, you will be confident that your gift is special. It is easy, fast, and makes a wonderful compliment to your candles and soaps.





Pick 1 Mold:
Beeswax (white or yellow) or Melt & Pour Soap Base, Skin Safe Fragrance or
All Natural Essential OilSquare Braided Wick
(most any size)


Step 1
Heat bees wax or soap base to desired temperature. A good starting point for the beeswax is around 150 F, but you can adjust temperature for desired results.

Step 2
Cut a 6 or 8 inch piece of wick. Lay both ends of the wick on the side of the mold near the top of the figure. Loop the wick so it does not interfere with any of the other ornaments. Some people prefer a little gap between the ends, while others prefer to have them close together – the choice is yours.

Step 3
Just before pouring, add fragrance or essential oil to the melted wax/soap. We recommend using skin safe fragrances for either project. This will ensure the mold is safe for soap use after pouring wax previously, although we recommend avoiding alternating between soap and candles with the same mold.

Step 4
This is the fun part! Give that special somebody a gift that will surely warm their heart. Although a safe project, some ingredients can stain or damage certain surfaces or furniture. Be sure to label the item properly. Also let recipients know it should not be ignited while hanging on the tree!

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