Wax Art

Looking for the perfect birthday party idea, church activity, camping craft or just plain fun in making candles? Then wax art crystals may be the answer for all of these activities. Wax art crystals are small round beads about the size of BB’s which can be used in the same fashion as sand art. The crystals allows adults and children to experience the art of candle making without having to melt the wax.

Any heat-resistant container can be used to make these candles. Once you have selected the container you can take the wax crystals and begin layering them in the container. Once you have layers you can begin to make unique designs by sliding a toothpick, pencil or straw down the sides to create streaks and waves. When the container is filled to the desired layer a waxed wick should be inserted in the center, you now have a candle ready to use. Adult supervision should always be present when lighting the candle. All standard burning precautions should be observed when using this candle.

When integrated with candle gels, the possibilities become endless. White can be used to create a snow scene, green when used on the bottom of the container can be used to look like grass and when the crystals are mixed with candle gel they can be melted creating a “streak” or “tail” to the wax. The wax crystals will be consumed in normal burning of the candles.

The final advantage of the wax crystals is that they can be melted and used to make pillars and/or votives. This pre-blended formula will produce very nice candles without having to add any colors to the wax. Important note: When the granulated wax is melted and poured the colors created will be much darker than in the granulated form. To get lighter colors, white granulated wax should be mixed to lighten the colors.

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