Natural Lemons

It is easy to make a natural candle that can be enjoyed for those special dinner occasions, to give as gifts, or to have as a decorative show piece. These natural lemons look great as an added value product when displayed with your other candles. They are fun to make and act a wonderful conversation piece. These candles may be natural and easily mistaken as the real thing, but please don’t eat them!

All Natural Pillar Blend
Polyurethane Lemon Mold
Wick Holder Bar
Lemon Essential Oil
Spooled Wick
(hemp wick is optional)
Yellow dye
Iron Candle Holder (optional)

Step 1
Melt the natural CSP-1 wax on a double boiler to about 165 degrees. Add EVO-13 yellow dye after the wax is up to temperature and stir well.

Step 2
Prepare the M-272 mold by inserting the wick through the bottom of the mold using a thin wire or very dull, oversized sewing needle. Be sure to leave an extra length of wick, so it pulls through when the candle is removed and is ready for the next time you make a lemon. Use the M-321 wick bar to hold the wick centered over the top of the mold. Place a few rubber bands around the mold to hold the mold tightly together.

Step 3
Add roughly 1 to 3 percent of essential oil to the wax just before pouring, and pour at 150 to 170 degrees. Some candle makers prefer different pour temperatures. Higher temperatures may give easier release but may cause more shrinkage. The perfect balance is your preference.

Step 4
Top off if necessary. You may need to experiment a little to determine the optimal timing and temperature for the second pour depending on the ambient temperature of the room and initial pouring temperature of the first pour.

Step 5
Place the candle on an appropriate candle holder, light the candle and ENJOY!

Polyurethane molds are simple to use, make beautiful candles, and last a very long time. Many candle makers prefer them due to the fact they do not require heating and they make a unique candle that is entirely different than the common jar candle. Often the candles made with polyurethane molds are added to themed baskets as the perfect complement to soaps and lotions or sold with an inexpensive iron candle holder as a gift set.

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