Snowball Candle

With the beginning of winter, a fun and easy project to undertake is the snowball candle. This candle can be made by pouring any size ball mold using a multipurpose wax such as the 4045H. The best ball molds to use would be either the DSM-14 mold for a small one and DSM-13 mold for a large ball. You would pour these like any pillar mold. When you remove the candle you apply whipped wax to the ball.

Whipping Wax Start with a 138/140 melt point wax (our 4045H works very well). Melt this wax in a small container where the temperature can be controlled easily, a crock-pot or small water jacket melter will work very well. Caution Note: Any container you use should also have a secure lid that can be placed on the melter.

Begin melting your wax. When it reaches 160 degrees F turn off the heat, watch the wax very closely. As the wax begins to cloud, whip the wax with a fork, eggbeater or mixer at a very slow speed. (Make sure you have permission to use the household mixer, using this mixer again for making cookies may be difficult.) The wax will begin to take on a “whipped” look. Be careful not to agitate harshly in that it may “dry” the wax and make it brittle. Caution Note: Safety Glasses should be worn when whipping the wax. Gloves should also be worn since your hands may come in direct contact with the wax.

For truly unique looks when the candle is burning, try pouring the ball in various colors and the whipped wax in white. Or pour the ball white and make the whipped wax another color. The possibilities are endless and the looks you will achieve are very appealing.

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