Frozen Icicles

Sometimes we offer projects that may not be a candle per say, but we put them out there in hopes it spurs a creative spark that can be used to create an entirely new candle. This month’s project is a great way to use up scrap wax and have fun using wax in an entirely untraditional way. By dipping icicles in hot wax, you are able to form a complete seal around the ice and save the icicle forever (in liquid form). You can attach an ornament hook or loop of wick to create a unique holiday decoration. It is a great gift to give to friends or family members who have moved to warmer climates as a way to remind them you are thinking about them. If you live in warmer climates, don’t fret. You can make your own ice shapes with
3-D polycarbonate soap molds for dipping.

Please read the entire set of instructions before proceeding to ensure you do not ruin any of your equipment. Do not place ice in your wax-melter!


  • Scrap wax
    (preferably higher melt point)
  • Metal pan for holding wax
  • Icicle or
    frozen ice shape
  • Gloves and/or tongs
  • Ornament hook or wick for hanging


Step 1
Heat scrap wax and pour into a metal pan. Preferably a metal pan with low sides such as a pie plate or lasagna pan is optimal. Temperature is not real critical so stay within your regular pour temperature to start. I do not recommend dipping directly into your heater because if you drop it, it will sink and cause you problems later.

Step 2
Carefully obtain an icicle or frozen ice shape. Please be careful when obtaining icicles. Be sure that you are not standing under them when gathering. If you live in warmer climates, there has been success using 3-D polycarbonate soap molds filled 4/5’s full of water (to allow for expansion). I have not had a mold crack yet, but we cannot take responsibility if it were to happen. Please don’t use your favorite mold as a test!

Step 3
Using heat resistant gloves or tongs, carefully dip the ice half way into the liquid wax. The ice will instantly harden the wax around it. Quickly turn the ice around and dip the remaining portion to form a complete seal. After the ice is entirely covered in wax, you may dip it a few more times to build a thicker wall. When adding the final dips, incorporate a loop of wick or hook to allow for hanging.

Step 4
The ice will melt and you can hear it slosh around inside the wax.

If you have any special people in your lives that moved to warmer climates, they will be truly amazed that you captured an icicle and thought to send it to them. Make sure it is somebody special in your life, because people have been known to be touched by the winter memories and move back home!

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