Pouring A Pillar With Pins

One of the newest developments in pouring pillars is the “Pillar Pin.” This new product has eliminated many of the previous problems with molds leaking at the wick hole and wicks bending in the candle. It is very easy to use a wick that has already been primed and using the pin should simplify the wicking process. You can start with any of the standard 2″, 3″ or 4″ round aluminum molds. Slide the pillar pin into the wick hole (from the outside). The base of the pin should sit flush with the mold. The next step is to take your pillar wax (for best results wax should be a 136 or above) and pour into the mold. Top off as normal and remove. You can then take a pre-waxed wick assembly and slide it into the preformed hole. Then the bottom can be smoothed on a hot plate and the wick base will embed itself in the candle.

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