Soy Wax

Soy Wax Candles – How Green Can You Go?

The below project is for making a Soy wax candle in one of the new recycled glassware pieces. Since the glass has a green tint to it, we have elected not to add color.


– Soy Wax (100% Soy Wax 125)

– Glassware (100% Recycled)

– Essential Oil
(100% Natural)

– Wick LX-18 or LX-20
(100% Natural)

– Sustainer
(40% Recycled Material)

– Glue Dot

Step 1
Take your wick and stick it to the bottom of the sustainer and place in the center of the jar.

Step 2
Melt the soy wax to approximately 130° F and let cool to around 120° F. Add a small percentage of essential oil to the wax. When the wax reaches between 110-115° F pour your soy wax.

Suggested Use

One of the other larger pieces make for a great candle holder.

Take your completed Palm Wax 4” Pillar Candle (100% Natural) and place in glass.

This will make for a very sophisticated look in any environment.

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